Region 7 Chaplain Services Liason

small_meCommodore Karen Mitchell Carothers is the STARFLEET Chaplain Services Liason for Region 7. A STARFLEET member since February 1999, she also serves as the Commanding Officer for the USS Richthofen, as a member of the Regional recruiting staff, and in several capacities for STARFLEET Academy.

Additionally, Karen serves on the STARFLEET Chaplain Services Corps Faith Advisory Committee as a Pagan representative, and she was the Region 7 CO of the Year in 2011.

Raised Lutheran (ECLA), Karen has been Pagan since 1996. An ordained Wiccan priestess and elder of a coven in Southern Maryland, she is also persuing dedicant studies in Druidry with Cedarlight Grove in Baltimore, of which she is also a member.  Karen holds an ordination from the Universal Life Church, and has earned two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland, and one in Technical Communications from UMUC.

In her capacity as the Regional Chaplain, Karen is available to provide spiritual advice and guidance, as well as being able to perform priestly duties such as marriages wherever her ordinations are considered legal by the state, regional, or local government. She would really love to perform a STARFLEET wedding.

Outside of STARFLEET, Karen is a flutist in the Columbia Concert Band, a Renaissance Faire enthusiast, a paranormal investigator, yarn fanatic, devoted wife, cat owner, and avid reader. She doesn’t get much sleep.